Bystander Rescues Burning Trucker on Michigan Highway

A good Samaritan managed to save a man whose entire body was on fire following a vehicle collision that caused multiple cases of whiskey to explode on a Michigan roadway.

Michael Widmark was driving home from his night shift at a printing press when he encountered a man engulfed in flames in the center of the highway at around 4:30 a.m. The man, 27-year-old Mark Thibert, had been driving a semi-truck full of Crown Royal whiskey that had exploded in flames after Thibert sideswiped an empty flatbed truck that was on the side of the road.

Widmark told sources that he grabbed a T-shirt and tackled Thibert to floor to beat out the flames.

"I've never seen anything like it. It was all around him, like an 8-foot flame around him. He was engulfed all the way around," Widmark told the Detroit Free Press.

Thibert was transported to the Trauma Burn Center at University Hospital in Ann Arbor where he is in critical conditions. About 90 percent of his body was reportedly burned.

Severe burns often require a plethora of medical treatments, including skin grafting, surgery and protective dressings, according to the Mayo Clinic. Deep or widespread burns may lead to complications such as infection, respiratory problems and low blood volume.

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